• I found out about Dr Yau through searching online for the nearest Pediatrican in my place. He was also the only one that accept new patient that day. When i called and told the lady on the phone why my baby needs to be seen that day,(red eyes) she sounded concern and schedule me the next open time.

When i got there, the office was small only 3 exam rooms but a friendlier atmosphere than my other doctor. I felt comfortable right away. I was acknowledged right away and filled up the forms. There were only 2 patients that time and didnt wait long, less than 10 mins, to be called. Knowing that it was my 1st time there, the lady that was checking my baby assured me that Dr. Yau is very good and nice. And she is right. The moment he came in to the room, all his attention was to my baby.. He made my baby comfortable so he can check her without fussing. He would give his stethoscope to my baby so he can check her ears, he will talk to her and make her laugh so she will open her mouth.. I think it was the first time my baby enjoyed a doctor's visit. He's the 3rd doctor ive been to since my baby was born... and my baby didnt get this much attention. highly recommended.

• Dr Yau is the Best!! He is always there when ever I need him to see my two boys I highly recommend him and his staff.

• Dr Yau is a very good doctor. I have two son's and they both have him for a doctor. As they say they really, really like him. I myself really like him, he is very kind and knows what he is doing. He also show's much concern for his patient's. Which is very important. I will always recommend him to all my friends that have children.

• Dr. Yau is the best of the best. Kind, gentle, friendly, my kid loves him. He has no problem to make my son open his month for check up. (I've changed three dentists but no one can make him - 4 yrs old - open the month. Though this is different application, but you can tell how nice Dr. Yau is.) Kids love him! Also he is very professional and experienced, and willing to help for whatever tiny problem/concern we have.

• Dr. Yau is such a wonderful, patient and professional doctor. He plays and talks to my kids while doing the check up for the kids. My kids love him so much. They call him "uncle doctor". Because of the way he treats the kids, my kids are not afraid of going to the doctor at all when they are sick.

• You are such a wonderful doctor. Your care and concern for your patients is unparallel. My daughters have received such great care from you. In turn, our whole family has benefited from you and your care. You listen and treat us with dignity. You truly care for the whole person when you treat your patients - mind, body and spirit. You are the best.